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Fern Tile (20" x 20") PN 6116

Dramatic Danica Double Sided Ivy Roll

(3.5' tall X 10' wide)  PN 8037

At EasyIvy, our product allows homeowners to increase property privacy and hide onsite eyesores. Even better, a faux ivy privacy fence requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep.

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Do you own a non-residential property? Rest assured that businesses and municipalities can also benefit from a faux ivy 

Artificial Ivy Fence Screens


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Woven Bamboo Fence (10' wide X 3.5' tall)

PN 8027

Dramatic Danica Double Sided Ivy Roll

(120" X 60")PN 8038

Ultra Lush Boxwood Tile (20" X 20")

PN 8050

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privacy screen. It’s an environmentally friendly material that can upgrade a deck, patio, garden, or even a work desk. artificial ivy artificial ivy fence screen privacy fence

At EasyIvy, we’ve seen clients use our product in countless ways. An ivy privacy fence may serve as a graffiti deterrent, cover a chain-link fence, and even act as a security screen. It may also be used for the simple purpose of adding faux greenery to a property. And the best part is, our privacy fences are easy to install and affordable.

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If you are looking for a privacy screen that stays green year round and that requires no watering, you’ve come to the right place. We have double-sided ivy rolls, bamboo ivy fences, and a range of other products. Visit our product page for a closer look at what we have to offer.

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Expandable Lattice with Ivy

(Expands to approx. 25 sq/ft) PN 8030