Frequently Asked Questions

How does EasyIvy withstand the elements?

EasyIvy is manufactured with UV inhibitors to help prevent fading for many years in the harshest environments.

Do you have other sizes?

We only carry the advertised size.  However, the products are designed to be attached to each other to create bigger sections. We also have the capability to do custom projects. Contact us for a quote.

How do you attach EasyIvy?

Block wall, cement, stucco - use wall anchors or fasteners
Wood - can be stapled or screwed to a wood fence
Chain-link, wrought-iron - zip ties, garden wire

What is the warranty?

2 Year warranty against manufacturer defects.

What other types are there?

The selection in the EasyIvy store is what we currently carry, but contact us anytime to find out if we have any new products coming in.

Can it be cut to fit around objects?

Yes, they can all be cut to fit around objects, or attach more to create the desired size.Some products require a little additional work, so contact us anytime for questions.

Does it blend in with real ivy?

Yes, it is a perfect way to start an ivy fence to get privacy while the real ivy grows in and blends with EasyIvy. 

Is it fire proof?


Is it reusable?

Yes, you can remove the product and reinstall it.

Does EasyIvy require maintenance?

No,  EasyIvy has artificial leaves, so it does not require any maintenance after install.

Will Rodents Nest in EasyIvy?


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