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All EZ-Ivy products are designed with ease of installation in mind. They can attach to almost any surface with zip ties, garden wire, a staple gun, and more.

Would you like to add some greenery to an area that does not have water available?  Simply attach these UV treated products to any location indoor or out.

Looking to add a designer's touch to an area of your home or office? EZ-Ivy products are realistic looking and EZ to install.

You can use EZ-Ivy to block your neighbors view of your yard, or until real plants have time to grow in the area.

Create privacy for your loved ones while you are lounging around the pool.

You can use EZ-Ivy products to help conceal construction projects from nosy neighbors, or easily attach to any type of fencing.

EZ-Ivy Gallery

Perfect for avoiding the prying eyes of a neighbor. Covers all types of fences instantly: chain, iron or wood.

Create a comfortable environment for your customers or use ez-ivy to decorate your store of office.

Create Privacy while adding lush greenery to your apartment balcony or deck.

Balcony Privacy


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A little creativity and white boards allowed for perfect privacy on the balcony.